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Murphy Brown
9 May
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"I'm back, HA!"
She's selfish, she's vindictive, and she's also the star of everyone's favorite news magazine show, FYI. For 12 years, Murphy's been dishing out punishment to anyone who's brave enough to let her interview them, and to anyone who's stupid enough to get in her way. She tends to bring a bit of chaos with her wherever she goes, and as such, is feared and loathed by many. She excels at everything... except for things like making friends and cooking. However, she'd be nothing without the friends she does have, and she knows it. When she's not plotting to dump water balloons on a rival's head, she's usually dancing and singing (badly) to Motown while working tirelessly on her next story. She's won a lot of awards and made a lot of famous people cry, but she definitely has a heart behind her gigantic ego. At her best, she's a determined crusader for justice, equality, and all things good, and at her worst, she's breaking into your car and filling it with dead leaves. If you can get her on your side, she'll be one of the most loyal friends you've got. If you can't, then... well... run.
General Facts:
Age: 41 (although she hates to admit it)
Height: 5'7'' and a half
Health: Aside from the recovering alcoholic part, good.
Family: One eccentric mother, one sarcastic father.
Secretaries Fired: 25
Murphy is currently set in season 2, after "Buddies Schmuddies" and before "Whose Garbage is it Anyway?". Technically the year should be 1989 and she should have a hideous perm, but... we don't have to acknowledge these things. :] I realize that this is weird and can make mentioning "future" events awkward, but I really don't mind if it ends up happening. It's pretty easy for me to work around.

As for friending, you're certainly welcome to friend her, and she'll friend you back if you talk to her. I don't discriminate at all in terms of who she can play with, so stop on by if you feel so inclined. :D
Fandom: Murphy Brown
Active In: theatrical_muse and sixwordstories
Open For: More conversation than anything else, but if you're not in a hurry to get replies, she can be poked into some RP.
Mun: gingasaur
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